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Panasonic AK-HC3800

HD Camera Kit - Full Studio Configuration

Canon HJ40x10

2/3" EFP Telephoto Lens

Fujinon XA55x9.5BESM

9.5-525mm f/1.7-2.9 2/3" EFP Box Lens with Lens Support

Call Rentex whenever you need to rent an HD video camera, camcorder, or lens. We carry only high-end equipment from today’s leading manufacturers like Panasonic® and others. Not only do we carry the best HD cameras, but also offer convenient camera kits, which contain a camera and all the most common camera accessories in one convenient package, including a remote, battery, and tripod. To ensure that our HD cameras deliver clear and crisp images we’ve developed a meticulous quality control process. With broadcast-quality HD cameras, handheld camcorders, and a large inventory of accessories like Wet Paint Platforms, Spider Pod riser and platforms, cable ramps, HD-SDI Cables, and much more, Rentex is the only cross-rental provider you need to satisfy all your requirements.

Our HD video camera rental options include:

  • Production Camera Studio Configuration Kits
  • HD Camera Lenses
  • HD Camcorders
  • PTZ Cameras

The Rentex Promise

Rentex is the largest provider of audio & visual cross-rental equipment in the country, and a trusted partner to companies throughout the AV and production industries. We’ve earned this position by remaining devoted to customer satisfaction for over 30 years. The 24/7 technical support we provide our clients means you’re never left to resolve a challenge on their own. We guarantee that our highly trained technicians are there to help throughout the duration of your rental, so you always get the maximum benefit from your HD video camera rental.



Rentex Offers Convenience and Reliability

With 10 warehouses located startegtically around the United States, Rentex is able to deliver our HD video camera rental equipment to most major cities the same day you place an order. For virtually any other location, we’re able to deliver within 24 hours.



Want to ask us questions? Our sales representatives are highly-knowledgeable and available 24/7 to answer your question at (800) 574-1702. They’ll answer any product specific questions you might have, and help you find a solution that will best meet your requirements. Know exactly what you want? Just use the above form on a website to submit a quote instantly, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.





With 10 locations, Rentex can deliver AV equipment same day to most major cities, and anywhere else in the USA within 24-hours.

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