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Panasonic AK-HC3800

HD Camera Kit - Full Studio Configuration

Our Panasonic HC3800 HD Camera Package is a Full Studio Configuration in One Case.

Canon HJ40x10

2/3" EFP Telephoto Lens

The Canon HJ40X10B 2/3″ EFP Telephoto Lens with Semi Servo Kit is a telephoto lens that is intended for producers and broadcasters engaged in documentary, natural history, and many other challenging location productions that seek high definition image capture over very considerable distances. The HJ40X10B offers an extremely long focal length of up to 800mm with the extender that gives you the ability to shoot from very far distances. And with the Optical Image Stabilization feature, you can capture crisp and clear images at very long distances without concern for an unsteady image.

The HJ40X10B offers creative flexibility and mobility in a handheld HDTV camera system with the demanding performance requirements for high-end HDTV image acquisition at long focal lengths. Additionally the HJ40X10B incorporates a dual lens approach to broaden the shooting options, achievement of an adequate sensitivity, maximization of image contrast, and preservation of the highest MTF over the long focal ranges.

Fujinon 13×4.5BERM-M

HD Wide Angle Zoom Lens

The Fujinon A13x4.5BERM-M is a 2/3″ super-wide angle lens with 13x optical zoom. The lens comes with a 2x extender for instant telephoto. Known for their high build quality and precision optics, Fujinon lenses have become the industry standard for professional video applications all over the world.

The lens also comes equipped with a wide variety of extra features including Fujinon’s QuickZoom technology, providing a quick and easy way to verify focus. The focal-length range is 4.5 to 59mm with a minimum object distance of 0.3 meters, or about 1 foot.

Fujinon XA55x9.5BESM

9.5-525mm f/1.7-2.9 2/3" EFP Box Lens with Lens Support

The Fujinon 9.5-525mm f/1.7-2.9 2/3″ Bayonet EFP Box Lens is a high zoom ratio lens that lends itself to covering sporting events and other large-scale productions. Its 55x zoom range can extend from normal to super-telephoto focal lengths. The 2x Extender doubles your focal length to achieve tighter framing on your subject.

The box housing is specially designed to prevent fogging of the lens elements during changes in temperature or humidity allowing the lens to be used outdoors in inclement weather conditions. In addition to being weather sealed, this lens is secured against dust and other small particles that might harm the lens.

Since the lens incorporates Fujinon's DigiPower Digital Servo technology, it can provide precise, repeatable digital control from studio paint boxes, PC's, and traditional analog controls. Digipower also permits setting custom speeds for zoom and focus, zoom limiting, and other servo parameters. Diagnostics and advanced controls can also be accessed via an RS-232 port.

When you need a HD video camera rental, call Rentex.  By renting a HD camera you benefit from professional broadcast quality that delivers clear and crisp images.  With professional-grade video camera rental equipment, lenses and handheld camcorders, we have solutions for every budget and every occasion.

We carry high-end equipment created by leading manufacturer, Panasonic®.  By renting full camera kits, we include everything that you need in one convenient package: a Panasonic® camera, remote, battery, and tripod.  Rentex offers additional accessories as well, such as wet paint platforms, spider pod tripod riser and standing platforms, cable ramps, HD-SDI Cables, and more.

Our HD video camera rental options include:

  • Production Camera Studio Configuration Kits
  • HD Camera Lenses
  • HD Camcorders
  • PTZ Cameras

When you rent a HD video camera, we offer additional lens options:

  • Canon Lens
  • Fujinon Lens

Rentex is the best company to rent HD cameras from when you want…

  • Low Prices
  • Fast Delivery
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • High Quality

Our Promise to You

We are the largest provider of audio & visual equipment in the country. Our dedication to our customers has earned us a reputation for excellence and we promise to provide you with high-quality equipment at the best possible prices.  Our rental rates are the lowest in the industry so if you find a better price somewhere else we will do our best to either match or beat it by up to 10%.

At Rentex, we are committed to excellence and strive to provide our customers with the best service.  24/7 technical support grants our customers the ability to call with any questions about their camera equipment and lenses rentals.  Our highly trained and responsive technicians are here to help you throughout the duration of your rental so that you can receive the maximum benefit from your HD video camera rental.

It is Incredibly Convenient to Rent a HD Camera from Rentex

Our HD video camera rental comes with everything you need.  When you need a HD video camera rental you can receive an Instant Quote online or call (800) 574-1702. Our sales reps are highly trained and can answer any product specific questions, while helping you determine which solutions will best meet your requirements, and make sure that you receive the highest quality audio & visual equipment to meet your needs.


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