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For over 30 years, Rentex has been providing microphone rentals to companies throughout the AV industry, including staging and production companies. Our clients trust Rentex to provide cross-rental solutions that include only the best microphones and audio equipment, backed by our industry-leading service. We not only provide the best equipment and the most rigorous quality control processes, but Rentex’s national footprint ensures same-day delivery to most major cities and delivery within 24-hours to any other location.

Rentex Has the Best Microphones in the Industry

Rentex offers a full line of cross-rental audio equipment that includes wired microphones, wireless microphones, push-to-talk microphones, conference microphones, lavaliers, microphone accessories, and headset microphone rentals. We also carry speakers, mixers, audio recorders, equalizers and amplifiers. Rentex boasts an expansive inventory of cross-rental audio equipment to make sure you have everything you need to make your production an overwhelming success.



Why Cross-Rent Microphones from Rentex

A Dedication to Quality Control.


When you rent microphones, you need to rely on them to function at optimal capacity, which is exactly what you’ll get at Rentex. Our proprietary quality control process involves examining and testing each piece of equipment when it returns to our warehouse, and then preparing it for use by the next customer. We keep our inventory of microphones and other equipment in immaculate condition so they’re always ready to get to work when they arrives. This commitment to quality control is a reason why we’re a trusted cross-rental partner to many of the biggest AV and production companies in the nation.

Free 24/7 Technical Support.


We know that after you rent microphones from Rentex you may need help to ensure your equipment is set up and functioning properly. That’s why we provide free 24/7 technical support with all of our rental packages. Our support teams are famous throughout the AV industry for providing a thorough solution to any problem big or small — at any time day or night.

Quick Nationwide Delivery.


No matter the size of your microphone rental package, we offer same-day delivery to most major cities. If you’re in a region where same-day delivery isn’t available, we’ll be there within 24 hours. No audio equipment or microphone rental is too small or too large for us to deliver. And in order to help meet the unique needs of our customers, we can also rent microphone on highly flexible terms, so you can keep them for just as long as you need them.

Competitive Subrental Prices.


As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we always try to offer our customers a highly competitive subrental price. We’re so committed to your happiness that if you find the same piece of equipment for cross-rent at a lower price, let us know and we’ll try to match it or beat it.

Rentex Locations

With locations across the country, Rentex can deliver to most major cities.

To reach local support, simply click on the location below. For Rental Emergency Support, call (866) 541-3465