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Jands Stage CL 512 DMX

Lighting Control Console

The Stage CL features 12 channels, each with their own saturation and hue encoders so you can adjust the color you want. As you turn the dials, an LED on the channel shows the color you’re creating. Operation is so intuitive that even someone with no experience with lighting can grasp it immediately. And, of course, each channel has the traditional fader and flash button to set the intensity of the light. With the Stage CL, you can control up to 512 DMX channels, connecting either through the DMX-512 output or the Ethernet output (if your lights support Art-net).

As well as giving you total manual control, the Stage CL’s automation features enable you to create sophisticated shows quickly and easily. You can do just about everything without needing the screen; but when you want to get into detail, the Stage CL’s touch-screen display provides an easy-to-use interface. Here you can patch your lights, monitor playback, edit scenes, edit chases & cues, adjust fade times, apply preset colors, and set up the console preferences.

The Diva-Lite LED 20 DMX from Kino Flo combines a popular, time-tested form factor with the latest in LED technology. The light offers a high CRI of 95 and variable color temperature from 2700 to 6500K with magenta/green hue control to match the spectral curves on different cameras and other light sources on the set. Flicker-free, full range dimming without color shift is also offered. The 25 x 13 x 6″ Diva-Lite 20 offers manual onboard or DMX512 control of all of these functions. In fact, the fixture has a built-in Lumen Radio receiver for wireless DMX control. The Diva-Lite LED 20 DMX’s 100-240 VAC make it ready for worldwide use.

Leprecon LP612MPX-DMX

12 Channel Lighting Console

Leprecon’s twelve channel LP-612 console incorporates the same full travel faders and rugged aluminum chassis design that make our touring consoles the most reliable in the industry. With full size fader knobs, quick action-bump buttons, and big bright LED’s, this console was designed and built for professional use. The console includes: two scene preset mode with twelve channels; switchable Add or Solo momentary buttons for each channel; and dipless crossfade between manual scenes. Presets may be “piled on” in any combination, and are assigned to one of four memory pages. Preview mode allows cues to be checked without bringing up the scene on stage. An existing cue may be easily edited using the manual scene faders without rerecording the entire cue.

Cue Stack offers 50 programmable cues with crossfader and “GO” button control. Fade times may be assigned to each scene. A two-character display is used to indicate current or new cue and programmed fade times assigned to each scene. Four programmed and seven programmable patterns of up to 20 steps are provided. Programmable patterns are recorded, previewed, and edited as easily as the preset cues. The rate of each pattern may be saved with the chase, eliminating the need to adjust the rate pot when chase is recalled. Control outputs include 3-pin microplex and 5-pin DMX-512 standard.

Leprecon ULD-360

6 Channel ETL Dimmer

Each ULD dimmer is equipped with dual 25 Amp SCR’s, illuminated magnetic breakers, and over-volt and over-temp protection. Fully encapsulated chokes come standard with every dimmer to further ensure quiet operation. Through the display based menu system, each channel can be dened as a linear, non dim, fluorescent or fixed intensity level. These are just some features that set the ULD apart from other dimmer packs on the market.


Arri Softbank D2

Lighting Kit

Less is more–sometimes. The Arri Softbank D2 Three-Light Kit was designed with modern, light-sensitive digital media in mind, so you can accomplish even more than you might think with the 1250 total watts in this package. Two of Arri’s most popular Fresnel lights form the core of this complete lighting outfit: two of the very efficient 300W Plus Fresnels each use a 3.2″ (80 mm) low expansion, borosilicate Fresnel lens to produce a soft, even field of light. The 650W Fresnel features a 4.3″ (110 mm) lens with the same reflector, housing and power cord as the 300W Fresnel, producing (of course) more light.  A Chimera 16 x 22″ softbox is included (perfect for interviews and soft light in tight spaces), as well as barndoors, filter frames, light stands, bulbs, a ceiling scissor clamp to hang a fixture from a drop ceiling, and a hard compact wheeled carrying case for storage and transport. This kit is equipped for 120V AC operation. It will also function with 220-240 AC Voltage, with the appropriate bulb and plug adapter, available separately.

Elation Professional VOLT Q5

LED Fixture with Charging Road Case

The new IP65 rated Volt Q5™ features (5) 15W QUAD color RGBW LEDs, 7° beam 13° field angles, 180°+ manual LED head positioning, variable color correction (2,700K – 7,200K), magnetic frost filter gel frame, electronic strobe and dimming, flicker free operation for TV and FILM, rugged die-cast aluminum exterior, rubber padded base, retractable carrying handle, an internal wireless EWDMX receiver, and powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. The Volt Q5™also has a built-in Wireless DMX receiver.

Rentex offers commercial LED lighting rentals. Our comprehensive audio & visual solutions make it possible for you to order all your equipment from one convenient location. Since 1980 we have been serving businesses throughout the country and as a result of our excellence and customer service, have built a reputation as an industry leader.

Our priority is to deliver high-quality, professional-grade solutions that exceed expectation. We do so by providing high-end equipment from leading manufacturers at an affordable rate, while also offering the best customer service. We try to anticipate our customers’ needs, so in addition to offering LED lighting rentals, we also provide:

  • Fixtures
  • Controls
  • Dimming

Whether you need LED lighting rentals for a day, week, month, or for the unforeseeable future, we have you covered. With Rentex, we let you determine how long you need the equipment for. Our technicians will continue to provide 24/7 support and maintenance for the entire duration of your rental. You can depend on our team to provide you with the technical assistance you need to become and remain fully operational. We’re truly your best choice for commercial LED equipment.

Why Rentex Is the Best Place for Your LED Lighting Rental

  • Fast Delivery
  • Best Prices
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • 24/7 Support
  • Quality Solutions

At Rentex, we pride ourselves in providing the best-in-class solutions that utilize the latest in technology. When it comes to equipment rentals, you can count on us to provide you with options. Not only can we deliver all the LED lighting rentals you need, but we can fulfill all your audio and video equipment demands as well. By ordering all your equipment from one location, you can spend less time coordinating deliveries and more time on implementation.

LED Lighting Rentals Made Easy

We understand how busy our customers are, so we’ve made it easier than ever to book LED lighting rentals. You can request an Instant Quote online or call (800) 574-1702 to speak with a sales rep. Our highly-trained and experienced sales reps are available to answer any questions you have, provide quotes for both short- and long-term rentals, and help you determine which pieces of equipment will best meet your needs. Once your order is placed for a LED lighting rental, we can deliver the equipment within 24 hours to anywhere within the continental United States. With fully stocked warehouses throughout the country, we have what you need and will make sure it is delivered without delay.


With 10 locations, Rentex can deliver AV equipment same day to most major cities, and anywhere else in the USA within 24-hours.  Now Open in San Francisco, CA!