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PC & Mac Laptops and Desktops, iPads, Tablets and Playback Pro Systems

Rentex is one of the largest and most trusted providers of computer rental services and audio visual equipment for rent. We carry the best brands in the industry including Apple®, Lenovo®, HP®, IBM®, and Dell®.  Our entire inventory is meticulously inspected and cared for to ensure that when you need a computer rental, you can call us and receive it right away.

When you rent a computer from Rentex, it’s both easy and safe.  Any time that a computer rental is returned to our warehouse, we wipe all of the data to ensure that your privacy is protected.  Also, if you have specific software needs, you can send us the data and we will load it on your computer rental.

Our computer rentals include:

  • PC laptops
  • Mac laptops
  • PC desktops
  • Mac desktops
  • iPads and tablets
  • Playback pro systems
  • Media servers
  • Servers and networking equipment

By providing computer rentals, iPads and tablets, we make it incredibly easy for our customers to work with the technology they need to operate smoothly and efficiently.

The Benefits of Ordering Your Computer Rental from Rentex

Fast Delivery on any Computer Rental

We have warehouses throughout the country that are stocked with PC laptops, Mac laptops, PC desktops, Mac desktops, iPads and tablets, playback pro systems, media servers, servers and networking equipment.  That means that when you need a computer rental, you can rent a computer and have it delivered the same day in most cities or within 24-hours everywhere else.

24/7 Support

Rentex is committed to providing high quality equipment throughout the duration of your rental.  Our 24/7 sales and technical support starts at your first interaction with our highly trained sales representatives and continues until your computer rental equipment is returned. We understand the necessity of having excellent customer service and the ability to use your computer rental equipment immediately upon arrival. To meet this goal, we conduct a thorough inspection of all of our equipment before renting it out again. You can also contact us at any time and we will assist you with your technical support questions to make sure your computer rental runs smoothly.

Affordable Pricing on Your Computer Rental

When you go to rent a computer—anything from Mac laptops, Mac desktops, PC laptops, PC desktops, iPads and tablets, playback pro systems, media servers, servers and networking equipment—getting a fair price is essential.  When working with Rentex, we guarantee you the lowest rental rates in the country to make your computer rental affordable. If you do find a lower rental rate when you are looking to rent a computer, let us know and we will do our best to beat it by up to 10%! – Guaranteed.

We Carry a Large Inventory of Computers for Rent

When working with Rentex you don’t have to settle for just any computer rental. Given the variety of brands that we carry, you can be confident that you’ll rent a computer and operating system that meets your precise needs. Let this promise give you the confidence that when you receive your computer rental, you have the best equipment in the industry.

Order Your Computer Rental from Rentex Today

It’s easy to rent a computer, playback pro systems, iPads and tablets, media servers, servers and networking equipment from Rentex.  Our highly-trained team is standing by to answer your questions and take your rental order.  Request a Quote online or call (800) 574-1702 today to get started.

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