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Video Camera & Camcorder Rentals from Rentex Shipped Nationwide

Video Camera Rentals including HD & SD Cameras and 4K Camcorders

Rentex offers an expansive line of production cameras in full studio configuration kits from both Panasonic® and Sony®.  As the largest provider of video camera rental equipment, we make it easy to receive the equipment you need to begin filming right away.  Instead of needing to source components from various locations, we can provide you with all of the video equipment you need, conveniently delivered right to your door.

Rentex Carries the Latest Technology

We now carry the latest in camcorders from Panasonic®, PTZ cameras and GoPros.  Take advantage of improved technology and capture every second of high-action footage with a video camera rental from Rentex.

Our Video Camera Rental Solutions

When you rent a video camera from Rentex, you can choose between a production camera with an all-inclusive studio configuration kit, a handheld camera that delivers stunning images, or one of our GoPros.  All of our camera and camcorder rentals are delivered in a hard case with everything you need included.

Why Rent a Video Camera from Rentex

We have been in business for over thirty years because we are committed to offering the highest-quality, professional-grade equipment at an affordable price. We only work with leading manufacturers so that you can be certain that every camera or accessory you rent will deliver clear and stunning results.  Our attention to detail and quality control processes ensure that your equipment will be fully operational and in perfect condition.  Simultaneously, if you have any questions about your video camera rental or how to use your new GoPro, our technicians are here to support you 24/7 for the duration of your rental.  All of this at the best prices in the industry is what makes Rentex the top company to rent a video camera from.

Rentex Has You Covered

When you call us for a video camera rental, our account managers can provide you with information on various cameras and help you to determine which one will be suit your particular needs.  We can also make suggestions for accessories, such as sports lenses, platforms, all sizes of cabling, production monitors, and communication systems, which will ensure your rental goes smoothly.

Rentex Carries:

  • HD Cameras
  • HD Camcorders
  • HD Camera Lenses
  • Sports Lenses
  • Pan/Tilt
  • SD Cameras
  • SD Camcorders
  • Production Full Studio Configuration Kits
  • 4K Camcorders
  • GoPros
  • Camera Accessories
  • Video Cables
  • Production Monitors
  • And more!

Call Rentex for Your Video Camera Rental

Placing an order for your video camera rental could not be easier.  You can request an Instant Quote online or call us at (800) 574-1702.  We can provide you with a quote for the day, week, month or however long you need the equipment for.  We are here to meet your needs and provide you with excellent customer service in the process.

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