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Rentex has been providing high-end audio and visual equipment, including audio snake rentals, since 1980. What makes us unique? We start with the best quality equipment from top manufacturers. Then we ensure that our rental equipment stays in perfect working condition with our proprietary quality control process. After every return, Rentex carefully inspects and tests our audio snakes to ensure that they’re ready to be rented again. All Renex customers can feel confident that when your audio snakes arrive at your worksite, they’ll be ready to get to work right away.



The Benefits of Audio Snakes Rentals from Rentex

The Best Support Available.


Rentex has the best service in the industry. It’s a big reason why our customers come back to rent from us time and time again. For over 30 years, we’ve been providing 24/7 technical and sales support to our customers. Our support teams will walk you through any question or audio & visual problem you’re having, so you’re never going it alone. That commitment to customer success is an integral part of the Rentex philosophy.

Fast Nationwide Delivery.


You can count on Rentex to deliver your audio snake or other cross-rental equipment fast. With ten warehouses located throughout the country, we offer same-day delivery of audio snakes to most major cities. If you’re outside our same-day delivery zone, we’ll be there within 24 hours — guaranteed. Rentex can meet all your last minute demands and have your audio snake rentals at your location when you need it.

Competitive Subrental Prices.


Not only do we have the best equipment available for rent, but we also offer highly competitive rates as well. We’re so committed to your happiness that if you find the same piece of equipment for cross-rent at a lower price, let us know and we’ll try to match it or beat it.


Order Your Audio Snake Rentals Today

Ordering your audio snake rentals from Rentex couldn’t be easier. To ask our knowledgeable sales staff questions about your project and rental needs, simply call (800) 574-1702 at any time, day or night. If you already know exactly what audio snakes and accessories you need, then you can get an instant quote online from our website. It’s that simple!



Rentex Locations

With locations across the country, Rentex can deliver to most major cities.

To reach local support, simply click on the location below. For Rental Emergency Support, call (866) 541-3465