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Press Release

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Rentex Audio Visual & Computer Rentals Adds Absen’s Award-Winning M2.9 2.9mm LED Tile to its Nationwide Inventory



The new LED tile provides outstanding picture quality and an intuitive, lightweight design that simplifies the construction of LED video walls

 Boston, MA – May 2, 2018

Rentex, one of the largest, most respected providers of audio visual & computer rentals, is pleased to announce that it’s added Absen’s award-winning M2.9 LED tile to its nationwide inventory of AV rental equipment.

Rentex Audio Visual & Computer Rentals is pleased to announce that it’s added the Absen M2.9 2.9mm LED tile to its nationwide inventory of audio visual equipment. This new LED tile, which is specially designed for the mobile indoor and rental markets, provides both industry-leading picture quality and an intuitive design that makes it easier than ever before to create large, vibrant LED video walls. The Absen M2.9 is the successor to its extremely popular Absen A3 pro model, and recently won ‘Production Product of the Year’ at the AV Awards in London.

The key feature that distinguishes the M2.9 from other solutions is the new interlocking system that Absen has designed to simplify the assembly and disassembly processes. Each panel is built with a system of triggers and switches that are easily accessible with the thumbs when holding one of the M-series LED panels by its rear handles. The new locking system enables an engineer to place and secure each panel in one steady motion. The M2.9’s intuitive mounting system not only makes setup and breakdown easy, it also takes the task of aligning the LED panels out of human hands, reducing the chance of inadvertent damage to the LED surface. Rentex Sales Manage Rob Garvey had this to say about offering the M2.9 solution to Rentex’s customers,

“Rentex has been looking to bring a LED tile solution into our inventory, but we knew we wanted to make sure we found the best product on the market. After really exploring all the available options, we concluded that the Absen M2.9 is the solution our customers are going to love most. It’s really lightweight, it’s got an intuitive design so our customers won’t have a hard time with setup or breakdown, and the picture quality is just phenomenal. It provides everything a next-generation LED tile solution should. Our customers want the best, and this is the best.”

The advanced interlocking system of the M2.9 LED display also makes constructing a curved LED video wall easier than ever before, allowing up to five degrees of convex or concave curvature with a simple adjustment to the locking bracket on the side of each panel. The plug-and-play power modules at the back of each panel also use this unique “drop and lock” technology, meaning that using the M2.9 rarely requires additional tools or equipment. Made of die-cast aluminum alloy, the M2.9 is highly portable, weighing 24% lighter than traditional panels. The ability to easily transport and configure the M2.9 panels makes it an ideal for staging and production companies that need a high-quality LED video wall solution that provides outstanding picture quality for a range of environments.

The Absen M2.9 offers further numerous improvements over both its predecessor and competing products on the market. The most noticeable of these advantages is an improved picture quality. The M2.9 features a 7500:1 contrast ration, higher than other products on the market, and 1000 nits of brightness. The 3840Hz refresh rate that the M2.9 provides means that it looks great in person, as well as on camera in broadcast applications. The solution also provides a high viewing angle and excellent low-brightness performance, which provides superior greyscale reproduction even in scenarios where ambient light is dim.

To learn more about Absen’s M2.9 LED video wall solution, visit the Rentex website at:

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Rentex Audio Visual & Computer Rentals Adds Absen’s Award-Winning M2.9 2.9mm LED Tile to its Nationwide Inventory

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