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Press Release

Monday, April 1, 2019

Rentex Now Offering Panasonic’s Newest Flagship PT-RQ22K 3-Chip DLP Projector for Rental Nationwide

Boston, MA – April 1, 2019

Rentex, one of the largest, most respected providers of audio visual & computer rentals, is pleased to announce that it’s added the Panasonic PT-RQ22K 3-chip laser projector to its nationwide inventory of production and audio-visual rental equipment.

Rentex is pleased to announce that it’s now offering Panasonic’s latest flagship 3-Chip DLP laser projector, the PT-RQ22K, for rental from its ten locations around the country. The PT-RQ22K provides improved picture quality and greater portability over other leading 20,000 lumen projectors, continuing Panasonic’s tradition of excellence the field of digital projection.

The first thing that AV professionals will appreciate about the PT-RQ22K is its compact size. The PT-RQ22K provides 20,000-lumens of brightness in a chassis that’s only slightly larger than Panasonic’s current 12,000 lumen projector, the PT-RZ12K. The projector’s small size and light weight, combined with its solid-state laser light source, allows it to be mounted in 360 degrees of orientation without image distortion, freeing engineers to deploy the projector in innovative stagings with confidence.

But size is just one of the many compelling aspects of the PT-RQ22K. The projector features a new high-speed 2560 x 1600 pixel (WQXGA) DMD chip, which Panasonic has named the Quad Pixel Drive, that horizontally and vertically shifts each individual pixel to achieve a beyond Ultra-HD resolution of up to 5120 x 3200. The picture quality upgrades also include a new version of Panasonic’s Real Motion image processor, which can algorithmically generate three extra frames for every image, boosting its native 60 frames per second (fps) to 240 fps. This will make the PT-RQ22K a great choice for projecting video that feature fast-moving objects, such as sporting events or live performances.

Among the many other improvements to the picture quality featured in the PT-RQ22K is an updated Digital Clarity 5+ image processor, which clarifies images containing fine textures, sharpens outlines, corrects contours, and adds a new refinement enhancer specifically designed to improve the projection quality of UHD video.

Marcus DeLuco, Director of Large Screen Displays at Rentex, had this to say about offering the PT-RQ22K for rental, “We’ve been strong supporters of Panasonic’s DLP laser projectors, partially because of the outstanding technology they possess and partially because our customers have loved them so much. Their tradition for blending next-generation features and technologies with outstanding usability continues with the PT-RQ22K. The projector offers true film-like projection quality, with BT.2020 emulation and HDR support, while fitting that picture quality into a compact chassis. That combination of power and portability will make it a leading choice for fixed installations scenarios, as well as for live events and large-scale integrations. It’s a direct improvement over the previous generation in every sense of the word.”

The PT-RQ22K features robust connectivity options, including Panasonic’s Digital Link technology, which allows for the transmission of video, audio, and control commands through a single CAT 5e cable. When the PT-RQ22k sends HDR video through either the Digital Link connection or HDMI, it will read the extended display identification (EDID) data and automatically select the optimal gamma and color-space mode for the projection, a new feature that’s unique to the PT-RQ22K.
Like all Panasonic laser projectors, the Panasonic PT-RQ22K construction features hermetically sealed optics and a filterless heat-pipe-based cooling system, which allows confident operation in dusty conditions and drastically cuts the amount of maintenance required to ensure worry-free operation. The projector is also backwards compatible with existing Panasonic laser projector lenses and accessories, giving it out-of-the-box applicability in a wide variety of production scenarios.


To learn more about the Panasonic PT-RQ22K, or Rentex’s large inventory of audio-visual subrental products, visit the Rentex website at the link below:
Panasonic PT-RQ22K:


About Rentex
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Rentex Now Offering Panasonic’s Newest Flagship PT-RQ22K 3-Chip DLP Projector for Rental Nationwide

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