NovaStar MCTRL R5

LED Controller


Product Highlights

  • Provides complete input connectors, including 1 x 6G-SDI, 1 x dual-link DVI and 1 x HDMI 4
  • The loading capacity of a single unit is up to 3840×1080@60Hz
  • Image rotation can be realized at any area in the screen with any angle. It will much eaiser with cabinet, ports and screen rotation operation
  • NovaStar’s G4 engine to create stable and flicker-free pictures without scanning lines, and bring smooth images with a good sense of layering
  • Supports NovaStar’s latest pixel-by-pixel calibration technology, the process of which is fast and efficient
Rentex No. NOVAR5 | Mfr No. MCTRL R5

NovaStar MCTRL R5 is an independent master controller developed by NovaStar with an epoch-making significance. The loading capacity of a single unit is up to 3840×1080@60Hz, which is able to meet the on-site
requirements of oversized LED displays. MCTRL R5 makes it easier to create stunning rotation visual effects for users.

NOVA MCTRL R5 also can be used as two independent Full-HD controllers, which makes it more flexible to load LED displays. The design of MCTRL R5 is innovative. It allows to configure a display at any time without PC.

Various video inputs such as HDMI, dual-link DVI,SDI etc. and outputs of 8-channel Neutrik Gigabit Ethernet ports as well as 2-channel optical fiber ports are supported.


SDI 6G-SDI connector
HDMI HDMI1.4 connector
DVI DVI connector


1–8 8 × Neutrik (NE8FBH) Gigabit Ethernet outputs


2 × Fiber optical outputs

OPT1 corresponds to Ethernet ports 1–8. OPT2 serves as the backup for OPT1.

ETHERNET For PC connection
USB IN Input port for cascading devices, or for PC connection
USB OUT Output port for cascading devices


IN GENLOCK type: Blackburst.

It is the GENLOCK synchronization signal which is used to ensure synchronization between the LED screen display and external GENLOCK source.

LOOP GENLOCK loop output

Power Connector

AC 100-240 V–50/60 Hz AC power input

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