Telex BP-1002

Single Channel Wired Intercom Beltpack


Product Highlights

  • Beltpack for Single-Chanel Intercom
  • Talk-Button Activated Headset
  • Sidetone Control for Self-Voice Level
  • Call Function to Signal Other Users
  • Clear Com Compatible
Rentex No. TLXBP1002 | Mfr No. F.01U.118.742

The Telex BP-1002 is a single-channel wired intercom beltpack featuring a 3-pin XLR input/output configuration. These connections can be used in balanced or unbalanced situations, and the unit itself can pass power through to other beltpacks, thus daisy-chaining devices in tandem.

The BP-1002 features an auto sensor which self-determines if an Electret or Dynamic headset is attached, as well as a talk-button activated headset, a sidetone control to modulate the level of your own voice in your headset, and a light-based call feature to summon other users as needed. Additionally, the BP-1002 is Clear-Com compatible, making it suitable for use within—or orchestrating—live productions.

Impedance Electret microphone: 1000 to 3000 Ohms
Dynamic microphone: 50 to 200 Ohms
headphones: 150 to 600 Ohms
Output Level Balanced: 1 Vrms nominal
Unbalanced: 775 mVrms ±10%
Minimum Terminating Impedance Balanced: 300 Ohms ±10%
Unbalanced: 200 Ohms ±10%
Bridging Impedance Balanced and unbalanced: >10 kOhms
Call Signaling Balanced send: 20 kHz ± 100 Hz, > 0.5Vrms
Balanced receive: 20 kHz ± 800 Hz, 100 mVrms min
Unbalanced send: 12 ±3 VDC
Unbalanced receive: 4 VDC min
Frequency Mic-off frequency detect: 24 kHz ±800 Hz, 100 mVrms min
Noise Contribution: < -60 dBu on the line
Connector Types 1x 3-pin XLR female
1x 3-pin XLR male
Configuration Balanced pin outs:

  • Pin 1: Common
  • Pin 2: Intercom audio low and +24 VDC input
  • Pin 3: Intercom audio high and +24 VDC input

Unbalanced pin outs:

  • Pin 1: Common audio and power
  • Pin 2: +30 VDC input
  • Pin 3: Intercom audio


Controls and Indicators 1x Talk button
1x Call button
1x Volume knob
1x Talk LED indicator
1x Call LED indicator
Headphone Amplifier
Maximum Output 3.5 ±10% Vrms into 150 Ohms headset
Frequency Response 200 Hz to 8 kHz ±2 dB
Alert 1 kHz, at the headset
Total Harmonic Distortion < 1% at < 3.25 Vrms into 150 Ohms headset
Sidetone 17 dB minimum range, adjustable
Environmental Requirements Storage: -4 to 176°F / -20 to 80°C, 0% to 95% humidity, non-condensing
Operating: 5 to 140°F / -15 to 60°C, 0% to 95% humidity, non-condensing
DC Current Requirements 45 to 70 mA
Power Requirements Channel supplied: 24 VDC nominal, 40 to 100 mA
Local-power: 24 VDC nominal (21 to 30 VDC), 40 to 100 mA
Dimensions ( H x D x W) 5.0 x 3.5 x 1.8″ / 127 x 88.9 x 45.7 mm
Weight 1.5 lb / 0.7 kg

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