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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Laser Projectors: Improved Picture, Performance, and Experience

Laser projectors promise some major benefits, let’s look at the top five reasons why their time to shine has arrived.


Rentex just added the Panasonic PT-RZ970 and PT-RZ770 laser projectors to its extensive inventory of audio visual equipment. What makes laser projectors such an important new technology? Why did Rentex choose to offer these two Panasonic laser projectors? Here are five reasons that you should seriously consider a laser projector as your next projector rental.

1) Improved picture quality. The most noticeable improvement that laser projectors offer over traditional lamp projectors is a greatly improved image quality. Because laser projectors create light so much more efficiently than lamp projectors, they can display very bright and vivid pictures, even while using less energy. The picture quality is very crisp, with a very accurate white balance and high degree of color accuracy. The improved picture quality is immediately noticeable and produces a real visual “pop.”

Laser projectors, and the two Panasonic models at Rentex in particular, can also achieve an excellent level of color uniformity—well above what lamp projectors can produce. This will make them advantageous to our clients who want to do widescreen projections with multiple projectors or image blending.

2) Creative freedom. Laser projectors like the Panasonic PT-RZ970 and PT-RZ770 can be rotated and mounted in 360 degrees. This is a significant advantage over traditional projectors, where lamp stability and orientation must be considered.

With no rigging limitations, a world of new creative possibilities becomes available. Want to mount the project in portrait mode, straight up at the ceiling, or straight down at the floor? How about creative mapping onto custom surfaces? Those tasks become much easier with laser projectors. For clients working on high-end AV projects, the freedom to mount the projector in a limitless number of configurations represents a tangible benefit and can help produce very impressive visual effects.

3) Durability and endurance. Unlike lamp projectors, which function roughly 3,000 hours before needing a new lamp, the picture quality of a laser projector will degrade at a much slower rate over a much longer 20,000 hour lifecycle. That’s an enormous improvement that can save the considerable cost and hassle of regular lamp replacement.

This greatly extended life has some important practical advantages beyond cost savings too; it’s a boon to mission-critical installations where brightness, picture quality, and maximum reliability are all required in equal measure. Both Panasonic projectors feature a long-life mode that makes them capable of up to 87,000 hours of continuous operation, which is almost ten straight years. That’s a ludicrously long time, but that stability could be useful in surveillance or control center environments where reliable operation is a priority.

There are other features that contribute to this resiliency too. Both the PT-RZ970 and PT-RZ770 have been constructed with an airtight optical block to better resist dust. No more cleaning dust filters means one less thing to worry about. Also, laser projectors require almost no warm-up or cool-down time and are extremely energy efficient when compared to lamp projectors, saving more time and money.

4) Panasonic quality and design. Rentex has had great experience with Panasonic products in the past and both these laser projectors have been warmly received by both the AV production and rental communities. This reputation means that many of our customers are already familiar with Panasonic products, which saves them the time and trouble of learning how to use unfamiliar equipment.

In addition, the projectors benefit greatly from being part of the larger Panasonic ecosystem, which includes sharing optional lenses with the entire Panasonic 1-Chip DLP™ projector range. Lenses available for rent with the PT-RZ970 and PT-RZ770 include the Panasonic ET-DLE030 ultra short-throw lens, which enables both projectors to create a larger, more attractive image within a shorter distance than almost any other projector in their class. This combination of familiarity and versatility makes them an outstanding projector rental option for a variety of different users and scenarios.

5) Mature technology. Laser projector technology has existed for a number of years, and although it’s always offered many potential benefits over lamp projectors a number of factors have kept them out of the mainstream. Previous laser projectors were either a bit bulky, making them difficult to work with, or the price was too high to make them a really attractive option. That’s no longer the case.

A decade of innovation and development has brought down the price of laser projectors, while also making them smaller and more manageable. The time for laser projectors to move to the forefront of the AV industry is approaching, and for Rentex customers who want to rent the latest technology and create the most ground-breaking AV experiences, the Panasonic PT-RZ970 and PT-RZ770 laser projectors offer a great opportunity to grasp that future.

Both the PT-RZ970 and PT-RZ770 represent state of the art in laser projector technology, providing a compelling blend of premium functionality, reliability, and versatility. For more information about renting a Panasonic laser projector from Rentex, please visit our website at the links below:

Panasonic PT-RZ970 https://www.rentex.com/rental-products/panasonic-pt-rz970/

Panasonic PT-RZ770 https://www.rentex.com/rental-products/panasonic-pt-rz770/

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