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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Rentex is Now Offering Panasonic’s AK-UC4000GSJ 4K Video Camera for Rental Nationwide

Boston, MA – March 21, 2019

Rentex, one of the largest, most respected providers of audio visual & computer rentals, is pleased to announce that it’s added the Panasonic AK-UC4000GSJ video camera to its nationwide inventory of production and audio-visual rental equipment.

Rentex is pleased to announce that it’s now offering the new Panasonic AK-UC4000GSJ 4K studio camera for rent from its 10 locations nationwide. The AK-UC4000GSJ is the newest product in Panasonic’s line of high-end 4K broadcast cameras, offering a series of improvements and upgrades over Panasonic’s popular AK-UC3000 and AK-HC5000 models, as well as leading 4K video cameras from other brands.

The most immediately noticeable improvement on the AK-UC4000GSJ is the outstanding image quality. The camera features what Panasonic is calling Large Single Sensor Internal Expansion Lens (LSSIEL) optics, allowing it to capture a full 35mm image with a standard B-4 lens. The 4.4k sensor in the AK-UC4000GSJ excels in low light conditions, provides a better dynamic range than virtually all competing 4K video cameras, and offers a very low signal to noise ratio of 62dB.

Another function that makes the AK-UC4000GSJ stand out from other 4K cameras is its ability to process both HDR and SDR feeds at the same time. Broadcasting HDR and SDR simultaneously has typically been a problem for production crews, as the downward conversion from HDR to SDR can creates artifacts, shadows, or other distortions in the picture. These problesms are especially evident when shooting images with a dark foreground and brightly lit background. The AK-UC4000GSJ was built to solve this problem by allowing the operator to adjust the HDR and SDR feeds individually to ensure proper picture quality.

When asked about the AK-UC4000GSJ, Rentex National Video Coordinator, Jeff Gawronski, had the following to say, “It’s not every year that a camera as impressive as the AK-UC4000GSJ comes out. We feel it represents the state of the art, not only in terms of capturing production-quality UHD video, but in how it combines outstanding picture quality with exciting, next-generation technology like 12G-SDI output and support for Media Over IP (MoIP) connectivity. The result is a 4K camera that excels in a variety of broadcast settings, including large concert venues, houses of worship, and business conferences. We’re confident our clients across the country who need a versatile, high-end 4K camera will be excited by that mix of flexibility and power.”

The AK-UC4000GSJ offers three modes of high-speed video capture, 1080p, 1080i and 720p. It’s ability to shoot 240 frame high-speed video will make the camera particularly attractive to audio visual teams that require a richly detailed slow motion, like in professional or collegiate sports broadcasts.

In terms of connectivity, the AK-UC4000GSJ offers many options. Using a light compression technology called TICO, the camera can send 4K video a long distance over 3G-SDI without losing video quality. It also provides two UHD 12G-SDI output, and support for the emerging MoIP (Media Over IP) standard.

The Panasonic AK-UC4000GSJ also provides strong backwards compatibility with existing Panasonic camera accessories, including viewfinders, remote control panels (RCP), and master control units, so AV professionals familiar with Panasonic equipment will have a shorter learning curve and can easily slot the camera into familiar workflows.


To learn more about the Panasonic AK-UC4000GSJ, or Rentex’s large inventory of audio-visual subrental products, visit the Rentex website at the link below:

Panasonic AK-UC4000GSJ:


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Rentex is Now Offering Panasonic’s AK-UC4000GSJ 4K Video Camera for Rental Nationwide

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