Dual 6.5-inch Powered Line Array Loudspeaker


Product Highlights

  • High-performance, high-density system solution in a truck-pack friendly format
  • High-power-handling transducers deliver low distortion, high fidelity, and class-leading output
  • Built-in, passively cooled Class D amplification with a universal power supply
  • Dual Ethernet ports with Neutrik etherCON connectors
  • Supports HARMAN HControl Ethernet & User-controllable DSP
Rentex No. JBLSRX906 | Mfr No. SRX906LA

The SRX906LA is a compact, two-way, active line array element that can cover a variety of small to midsize applications. Built-in DSP and amplification offer a plug and play experience while providing consistency and optimum performance anywhere in the world.

JBL transducers and a new acoustic design provide excellent sound fidelity and best-in-class maximum SPL. The product features dual 6.5-inch neodymium Differential Drive® woofers and a three-inch compression driver. The computer-optimized enclosure is made out of composite material and offers excellent performance while remaining compact and lightweight.

An innovative three-point rigging system and a full set of accessories allow systems to scale and solve the diverse needs of production companies and installation houses.  JBL Performance is a new, full-featured software package that gives users control of the system on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, and iPad OS.

Rentex offers 3 rental kit options (View the “What’s in the case?” for full list of equipment):

  • SRX906GRND: Ground Stack Package
  • SRX906POLE: Pole Mount Package
  • SRX906RIG: Rigging Package

SRX906GRND: Ground Stack Package


SRX906POLE: Pole Mount Package


  • JBLSRX906 (2) JBL SRX906 Dual 6.5″ Active 2-Way Line Array Spkr
  • TRU1ECN050 (1) 50′ Combo Ethercon + True1 to Edison Cable
  • ECON1M (1) Ethercon to Ethercon 3’
  • T11M (1) True1 power cable 1m
  • JBLSRX6BP (1) Baseplate for SRX906LA
  • JBLSRXPMA (1) Universal 35mm Pole Mount Adapter for SRX
  • SRXKM21337 (1) Adjustable Length Speaker Stand Rod for SRX900
  • SPKRSTDBAG (1) Speaker Stand Bag 51″ Interior (Black)
  • JBLSRX918S (option) JBL SRX918S Single 18″ Active Subwoofer
  • JBLSRX928S (option) JBL SRX928S Dual 18″ Active Subwoofer
  • CANANUK960 (1) Case, Nanuk 960
  • CASRX906D (1) Case, JBL SRX906LA Speaker Dual
  • CASRX918S (option) Case, Single Sub Case for JBL SRX918S
  • CASRX928S  (option) Case, Single Sub Case for JBL SRX928S

SRX906RIG: Rigging Package


  • JBLSRX906 (2) JBL SRX906 Dual 6.5″ Active 2-Way Line Array Spkr
  • TRU1ECN100 (1) 100FT Combo EtherCon + True1 to Edison Cable
  • ECON1M (1) Ethercon to Ethercon 3’
  • T11M (1) True1 power cable 3’
  • SRX906AFEB (1) Extension Bar to Uptilt/Downtilt Aiming of SRX906
  • JBLSRX06AF (1) Array Frame Spreader Bar for SRX906LA
  • JBLSRXSHKL (2) Crosby 1/2″ SPA Black Theatrical Screw Pin Anchor
  • JBLSRXPB (1) SRX900 Pull Back Accessory
  • CASRX906D  (1) Case, JBL SRX906LA Speaker Dual

JBL SRX900 Series: Technical Overview

Frequency Range (-10dB) 53 Hz-19 kHz (array preset)
Coverage Pattern 105 degrees nominal (400 Hz-16 kHz)
Maximum SPL 135 dB
System Type Line Array, two-way active
Amplifier Design Class-D
Continuous Power Rating 600 Watts | LF: 400 Watts | HF: 200 Watts
LF Driver (2) JBL 261G-1, 10 in diameter, dual 2.0 in diameter voice coil, neodymium Differential Drive®
HF Driver (1) JBL 2432H-3, 1.5 in exit neodymium compression driver with 3 in voice coil
Enclosure Polypropylene, aluminum baffle, plywood internal bracing, four integral recessed handholds
Inter-Enclosure Angles 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Dimensions (H x W x D) 305 mm x 716 mm x 519 mm
(12.0 in x 28.2 in x 20.5 in)
Net Weight (each) 26.7 kg (59 lbs)

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