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Press Release

Friday, October 27, 2017

Rentex Audio Visual & Computer Rentals Adds Panasonic’s Flagship PT-RZ31K Laser Projector to Nationwide Inventory

The PT-RZ31K is an ultra-high-brightness 31,000 lumen laser projector that provides industry-leading image quality and functionality for high-end production environments


Boston, MA – October 27, 2017

Rentex, one of the largest, most respected providers of audio visual & computer rentals, is pleased to announce that it’s added Panasonic’s flagship PT-RZ31K laser projector to its nationwide inventory of audio visual rental equipment.

Rentex Audio Visual & Computer Rentals is pleased to announce that it has added Panasonic’s new flagship laser projector, the Panasonic PT-RZ31K to its growing line of laser projector rental equipment. The PTZ-RZ31K is an ultra-high-brightness, 31,000 lumen 3-chip DLP laser projector that integrates the latest versions of Panasonic’s proprietary laser projection technologies into a powerful but compact chassis. The PT-RZ31K is aimed at the high-end production market where maximum brightness, picture quality, and flexibility are prioritized equally. When asked about the PT-RZ31K, Mr. Rob Garvey, Sales Director at Rentex, was effusive,

“At the beginning of the year we expanded our inventory to include two Panasonic laser projectors, the RZ920 and RZ770. Both of those models have both been greeted with enthusiasm by our clients. Now Panasonic has taken things to a new level with the PT-RZ31K, which offers all the benefits of laser projection — improved image quality, lower maintenance cost, and increased flexibility for staging and rigging — and put them in a much brighter, but still very compact unit. We knew we had to offer the PT-RZ31K to our clients. It’s one of the most powerful, most feature-packed laser projectors on the market today, and we’re sure that our clients serving the high-end of the production market will greatly appreciate having access it.”

The PT-RZ31K’s ability to generate bright images with an impressive 20000:1 contrast ratio is just a part of what makes it such a special laser projector. Over the years Panasonic has developed a reputation as a recognized leader in laser projection by developing technologies to extend the basic functionality and image quality of its laser projectors. The PT-RZ31K features new versions of many of these technologies.

Panasonic’s Real Motion Processor, for example, enables the PT-RZ31 to interpolate video images and reproduce a life-like 120 Hz refresh rate while reducing motion blur. The PT-RZ31K also comes equipped with an updated version of Panasonic’s Detail Clarity Processor, which uses a proprietary algorithm to search each individual video frame to identify fine textures and details, and then optimize each of these elements for sharpness and contour using a four-band filter. Panasonic Daylight View 3 technology uses the projector’s onboard sensors to gather ambient light information from the production environment and make automatic adjustments to ensure the quality of the projection.

The projector’s incredible brightness and color accuracy, combined with its filtering and image-enhancing technologies, means that the PT-RZ31K can produce projections of unparalleled sharpness, definition, and color depth, even when compared to today’s other high-end laser projectors. Rob Garvey went on to say this about the PT-RZ31K,

“Even though the PT-RZ31K is a super-premium projector that’s aimed at high-end applications, it’s also a workhorse. It can be mounted in 360 degrees, usually requires very little regular maintenance, and meets tough dust-resistance standards. Thanks to Panasonic’s Digital Link Input, the PT-31K allows different types of signals to travel across a single LAN cable, reducing wiring headaches. In terms of rigging, it comes with eyebolts for hanging the projector from various supports, including cranes. It’s ready to for any task.”

The PT-RZ31K, like all laser projectors, is an evolutionary leap in projection technology that offers many fundamental improvements over older lamp-based models. This includes the ability to quickly turn on and turn off without having to wait for a bulb to heat up or cool down, and much greater power efficiency. To learn more about the PT-RZ31k and laser projection technology, see the links below.

 Learn more about the Panasonic PT-RZ31K at the link below

Panasonic PT-RZ31K –

 To learn more about laser projection technology read our article, “Laser Projectors: Improved Picture, Performance, and Experience”


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Rentex Audio Visual & Computer Rentals Adds Panasonic’s Flagship PT-RZ31K Laser Projector to Nationwide Inventory

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