Theatrixx xVision Nomad 2.6

2.6mm Indoor LED Tile

Product Highlights

  • Unique, proprietary TPEP (Titanium/Polymer Edge Protection) technology provides unparalleled module protection and durability
  • Rugged to meet the needs of live events.
  • High refresh rate of 7,680 Hz provides the greatest dynamic range and grayscale depth, especially at lower brightness settings.
  • Curvable at +/- 2.5 and 5 degrees using proven rotary angle hub system
  • Rear serviceable but can be converted to front service thanks to magnetic modules.
Rentex No. NOMAD26

The xVision Nomad is a true AV workhorse. Packed with features and housed in a rugged frame, it is the first xVision product to feature Theatrixx’s proprietary TPEP technology (Titanium Polymer Edge Protection). This makes it highly durable and ideal for daily AV rental, general productions, and XR applications. It is also amongst the first LED displays on the market to boast a 7,680 Hz refresh rate, making it ideal for XR productions thanks to its increased dynamic range. Theatrixx offers a well-rounded, complete solution with a full line of matching flight cases, ground support, rigging accessories, and power distribution systems.

  • DOUBLEHEAD xVision Nomad double header
  • EXBASE1W Exact Stacking Base – 1X xVision Nomad HD2.6
  • EXBASE2W Exact Stacking Base – 2X xVision Nomad HD2.6
  • EXBRACKETC Exact Bracket – Curved xVision Nomad HD2.6
  • EXBRACKETS Exact Bracket – Straight xVision Nomad HD2.6
  • EXLADDER Exact Ladder Frame – 1M xVision Nomad HD2.6
  • EXM10BOLT Exact M10 Bolt xVision Nomad HD2.6
  • EXSKIFRAME Exact ski frame xVision Nomad HD2.6
  • EXSKIFTSNG Exact SKI Single Foot for xVision Nomad HD2.6
  • EXSTAKEXT Exact Stacking Extension Long xVision Nomad HD2.6
  • EXVERTSPRT Exact Vertical Support Long xVision Nomad HD2.6
  • NOMAD26BOX XVision Nomad LED 2.6mm Back Box
  • NOMAD26Q XVision Nomad LED 2.6mm Quadrant
  • SINGLEHEAD xVision Nomad single header
  • XVT9TRNARN Nomad- XVT9 chassis to XVT9 chassis
  • XVT92ETRCN Nomad – XVT9 chassis to etherCON
  • 515P2XVT3 Nomad- 5-15P Female XVT3-1203SJOOW-CSA 6′
  • SOCA6XXVT3 Male CEEP 19pins 6X Female XVT3 Nomad Soca
  • XVT3NOMAD XVT3 – 1203SJOOW – CSA – 4′ Nomad power cable
  • DURACAT6E XVT9 – DuraCAT UTP CAT6E – 3′ Nomad data


Packaging                                                  RGB SMD 1415 3-in-1

Packaging Manufacturer                       Nationstar

Pixel Pitch                                                2.60 mm

LED Technology Type                           TPEP (Titanium/Polymer Edge Protection)


Module Resolution                                 96 x 96 px

Module Protection                                  Titanium edge around modules for total pixel protection

Panel Resolution                                     192 x 192 px

Panel Construction                                 Die-cast aluminium


Brightness                                                 1,200 nits

Contrast Ratio                                          4000:1

Lifespan                                                     100,000 hours

MTBF                                                         > 20,000 hours

Horizontal Viewing Angle                      170 degrees

Vertical Viewing Angle                            170 degrees


Driving mode                                              1/16

Driver IC                                                      MBI5264

Distribution Architecture                         Common Anode

Grayscale Depth                                         16 bits

Refresh Rate                                                7,680 Hz

Video Frame Rate                                       60 Hz

LED Control System                                  Novastar

Physical Specifications

Height                                                           500 mm

Depth                                                             79 mm

Width                                                             500 mm

Weight                                                           10.88 kg (24.00 lbs)


Protection Rating                                         IP30

Operating Temperature                              -30C @ +60C

Storage Temperature                                  -40C @ +70C

Relative Humidity                                       10-95% Non-condensing

Power Requirements

Max Power Consumption                            265 W/panel

Average Power Consumption                     180 W/panel

Input Voltage                                                 100-240V, 50-60Hz auto-ranging

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