Fujinon UA24X7.8BERD

4K UHD Camera Lens


Product Highlights

  • Class-leading 24x zoom ratio and the lightest weight
  • Versatile focal length range from a 7.8mm wide-angle to a 187mm telephoto
  • Compact and lightweight
Rentex No. FJUA24X78 | Mfr No. UA24X7.8BERD

The 24x high zoom ratio covers an extensive focal length range from a 7.8mm wide-angle to a 187mm telephoto. Excellent and lightweight 1.98kg, achieving outstanding center-of-gravity.

Model Name UA24x7.8BE
Camera specifications 2/3-inch sensor Bayonet-mount cameras
Focal length (1x) 7.8mm-187mm (2x) 15.6-374mm
Zoom ratio 24x
Extender 2x
Maximum aperture ratio 1:1.8 (7.8mm-118mm) 1:2.85 (187mm)
Minimum object distance (M.O.D) from the front lens element 0.8m
Subject dimensions (1x)
(at the M.O.D)[Horizontal x Vertical 7.8mm 883mmx496mm
187mm 38mmx21mm
15.6mm 459mmx258mm
374mm 20mmx11mm
Angle of view [Horizontal x Vertical] (1x)
7.8mm 63.2°x38.1°
187mm 2.9°x1.7°
15.6mm 34.2°x19.6° 374mm 1.5°x0.8°
Filter thread size M107x1 (A filter is to be attached to the lens hood.)
Weight (approx.) 4.37 lbs. (without the lens hood)

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