80″ Sharp Aquos PN-L802B

LED Interactive Display System


Product Highlights

  • 80″ Class (80″ diagonal) Interactive Display System
  • Brilliant High Definition (1920 x 1080) LED Display
  • Windows Compatible
  • Touch and Draw With Pen Or Finger
Rentex No. SH80TS802B | Mfr No. PN-L802B

The Sharp PN-L802B 80″ HD Interactive Whiteboard LED-LCD Display is a touchscreen digital whiteboard with highly-useful interactive tools facilitating efficient communication and collaboration.

By use of an included Sharp Pen Software, all function icons such as “Open” and “Print” can be controlled by touch pen or by the touch of a finger. All data can likewise be worked with by touch and can also be drawn over. Images can be resized with the glide of two fingers or by touch pen.

The Pen Software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and Office, and easily imports documents such as PowerPoint presentations. These documents can be edited and drawn over by touch as well. A keyboard can also be used – along with or instead of touch.

The whiteboard can stream multiple video signals and is great for remote video conferencing and webinars as well as teleconferences, training sessions, and sales presentations. It can also serve commercial and digital signage purposes as it is engineered to reliably work 24/7 and is energy-efficient, and also because images on it can be resized to be very large. At 80″ diagonally, the whiteboard can easily be mounted on a wall or positioned to stand.

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