Absen PL2.5 Pro

2.5mm Indoor LED Tile


Product Highlights

  • Equipped with Brompton Tessera processing, the PL2.5 supports the latest HDR10 standard & 16bit grayscale, enabling PL2.5 Pro to deliver a higher dynamic range with pure whites, deeper blacks and a wider color gamut.
  • PL2.5 Pro’s brightness can reach up to 1500nit after calibration, able to maintain excellent display performance in brighter environments.
  • Supports 3840hz refresh rate, promising outstanding on-camera visual effects.
  • Curve-ready auto-lock system with magnetic automatic connection for fast and easy installation with safety. And the Auto-Eject system enables fast, easy and convenient disconnection of panels.
Rentex No. PL25

The Absen PL2.5 Pro offers superior contrast and high precision alignment. UltraBlack Technology – Small-sized non-reflective LEDs, combined with matte and super black mask, the PL2.5 Pro has a superior contrast. Integrated auto-lock and auto-eject systems allow super-fast and easy installations at the push of a button, including convex and concave curves built-in.

  • Absen PL2.5 Pro V10 module
  • Case, Absen PL2.5 Single hanging bar
  • Case, Absen PL2.5 Double hanging bar
  • Absen PL2.5 single hanging bar
  • Absen PL2.5 double hanging bar
  • Absen PL2.5 single base
  • Absen PL2.5 clamp

Pixel Pitch: 2.5 mm;
Dimension(WxHxD): 19.7×19.7×3.46 in;
Weight: 18.96 lbs/panel; Brightness: 1500 nits; Color
Depth: 16 bits;
Contrast Ratio: 8800:1;
Power Consumption:192.5
W/panel; IP rating: IP40/IP21; Rear Serviceable;
Max number of rigging: 20;
Certification: FCC+ETL

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