Barco EC-210 Large Event Controller

Large controller for advanced Event Master (e2, s3) systems


Product Highlights

  • Stand Alone controller with upgraded internal computer
  • Control multiple Event Master systems including e2 Gen2, S3-4k, ex, and ImagePRO 4k
  • Dual gigabit Ethernet for connectivity
  • 36 dynamic user Assign bus keys with LCD scribble strips
  • 12 contextual modifier keys with LCD scribble strips
Rentex No. CTLEC210 | Mfr No. R9004790

The Barco EC-210 Large Event Controller is the perfect companion for any moderate to advanced Event Master application. The same direct access destination and layer keys, 3 rows of dynamic Assign bus keys with LCD, and high resolution T-bar carry over from the EC-50. To that we add more direct access programming keys, 12 dynamic contextual keys with LCD, and a 10-key number pad for quick access to any destination, layer, source, or positional input. Five jog wheels are on board to give coarse or fine adjustment for window sizes and positions. Dual touchscreens and cue list buttons are also included.

An upgraded replacement for the EC-200, the EC-210 has an improved integrated core system for running any Event Master processor in stand-alone mode with the best performance.

  • 2 internal 15.6-inch wide screen full HD (1,920×1,080) touchscreens with multi touch interface Robust version of Event Master Toolset on Linux – same user interface used on Mac and PC
  • Upgraded core processor compared to EC-200 for faster performance
  •  1 external HDMI output supporting up to 2560×1080
  • External input for the left side internal screen. External HDMI video signals up to HD resolution. (Typical sources are Multi-viewer or Aux output from Event Master)
  • High-resolution T-Bar for manual transitions
  • 36 user-assignable instant selection buttons with customizable LCD labels and multiple pages of assignments. (3 buses assignable as presets, cues, sources, backgrounds, or user keys)
  • Dedicated Background layer button and 8 dedicated Layer selection buttons with multi-page selection. (Change pages for destinations with 9 or more layers)
  • Dedicated layer transition and function buttons.(Trans, Cut, Freeze, etc.)
  • 12 user-definable Destination buttons with multiple pages of assignments (easily supports all the destinations available in future releases)
  • Dedicated buttons for transitioning all selected destinations, live switching, modifying program, etc.
  • Play/Pause and Stop button for Cues
  • 5 rotary encoders with wheels for ergonomic pip control and rapid placement of resources
  • 12 LCD Contextual Display Buttons to support the Syntax Programmer
  • Tri-Axis backlit trackball (based on function), with a very smooth rotary encoder for the third axis and 4 buttons for cursor and position control (future software release)
  • Internal, board mounted M2 SSD
  • 5 USB ports for additional accessories such as mouse, keyboard, thumb drive, etc.
  • Script lights, feedback LEDs, and integrated work lights with user controlled dimming.
  • Power button for soft shutdown and restart of the system
  • Backup and restore of system via USB or WebUI.
  • Integrated WebUI for software upgrades.
  • Dust cover included
  • Custom road case included

* Note: The EC-210 HDMI monitor connections do not support analog output. Digital displays or active digital to analog converters are required.

  • Dimensions:       244.34 x 901.19 x 575.36 mm / 9.62 x 35.49 x 22.65 inches
  • Weight:                20.41 kg (45 lbs.)

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