Analog Way Control Box³

Expanded USB Controller with T-Bar for Aquilon and Midra 4K

Analog Way

Product Highlights

  • Control LivePremier Aquilon and Midra 4K (Pulse 4K, QuickVu 4K, QuickMatrix 4K, Eikos 4K)
  • Connect by USB to a Windows or Mac computer on network, or directly to the unit
  • Direct access to Screens, Auxes, Layers and Memories with 105 function-labeled keys
  • Transition by T-Bar or use the TAKE or CUT key
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum case
Rentex No. CTLAWSB802

The Control Box3 is an ergonomic and compact solution designed to operate your LivePremier™ series or your Midra™ 4K series with ease and comfort. Thanks to the 105 physical key buttons, Control Box3 gives instant access to the screens, sources and memories, and embeds a T-Bar for smooth manual transitions. Its illuminated keys are designed for fault-free operation, allowing users to focus on the action and not the user interface.

  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum case
  • 105 function-labeled keys
  • T-Bar for manual smooth transitions
  • Blue and red backlighting for each key button
  • Compatible with all LivePremier™ series and Midra™ 4K series
  • Direct USB connection to the switcher front panel or remote connection via a computer with USB and LAN connection (control software included for Windows® and macOS®)
  • Robust carrying case
  • Select current screen and/or AUX destination(s)
  • Load instantly any kind of memory (master, screen, multiviewer, AUX and layer)
  • Change the source of a layer or a background
  • Change the source of an auxiliary output
  • Manual transition (T-bar), immediate (CUT) or programmed (TAKE)
  • Select current destination (Preview or Program)
  • Freeze/unfreeze live inputs

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