Blackmagic BiDirectional SDI/HDMI 12G

Compact 12G BiDirectional SDI/HDMI Cross Converter with downscaling

Blackmagic Design

Product Highlights

  • 12G-SDI/HDMI 2.0 Inputs and Outputs
  • Reinforced USB-C Power connector (reduces damage in the field)
  • HDMI Output automatically downscales to match connected display
  • 3D LUT (33-point) on SDI or HDMI Output for camera work
Rentex No. BMDBIDI12G

A simple 12G-SDI cross converter with an extended name, the Blackmagic Design Micro Converter BiDirectional SDI/HDMI 12G sports a reinforced USB-C power and data input and has a couple tricks up its sleeve.  Connect SDI and/or HDMI sources up to 12G-SDI rates (UHD/4k60) and they will be digitally converted, even both directions at once. The HDMI 2.0 output carries the undocumented feature – it will automatically down-scale the input signal to meet the maximum resolution of a connected HDMI device (read from EDID). Rounding out the feature set, a 33-pt 3D LUT (Look Up Table) enables use as an in-line LUT box as well, useful when working with cameras in flat or LOG workflows.

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