D’San PerfectCue

Signaling System w/Base


Product Highlights

  • Light / Sound Signaling System
  • Belt Pack Integration Support
  • Dual Programmable USB Ports
  • 4-pin Input/Output XLR Jacks
  • Volume Control
Rentex No. DSANBASE | Mfr No. PC-433-BP-SYS

PerfectCue is a light and sound signaling system. It enables a speaker to send cues to a projectionist for “next”, “back” and “screen blank” using a wireless hand-held actuator. PerfectCue is a versatile event staging tool. It uses high data rate RF protocol that provides fast responses to the wireless actuator. It contains different types of jacks that make easy hard-wire back-up connections with Cat 5, XLR, EBY or twisted pair cable. These provide for simple interface with other wireless control systems or custom devices. Multiple cue lights can be “daisy-chained” on a single cable carrying both data and power yet they may be operated independently on separate communication channels. A built-in keyboard emulator enables PerfectCue to remotely control presentation applications such as PowerPoint via USB.

USB Dual Programmable USB Ports
Input/Output Connectors 4-pin XLR Jacks

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