Ross Video Carbonite Ultra 12G/2ME w/TouchDrive TD2

Compact, powerful 12G-SDI switcher

Product Highlights

  • TouchDrive TD2 panel with 15 crosspoint and 2ME stripes
  • 6” TouchDrive Dashboard touchscreen display for configuration and Live Assist
  • 24 Inputs (18 in 12G/UHD) all with Frame Sync/Format Converters to repair odd inputs
  • 10 Outputs plus 4 Multiviewer outputs
Rentex No. ROSSCBU12G

Also found in our full featured flypack, the Ross Carbonite Ultra is the latest generation of powerful production switchers from Ross Video. The latest TouchDrive TD2 control panel with 15.6” Dashboard touchscreen is also part of this package, giving you intuitive control with timely, immediate feedback and flexibility.

Shipping this set as a 6U rolling rack and separate Control Panel allows us to meet same day demands.

Feature HD/3G UHD/12G
ME (Mixer & Effects Bus – 4 Keyers Each) 2 1
MiniME (2 Keyers) 4 2
Inputs 24 18 (2 may be Quad-3G)
Outputs 10 10
Multi Viewers 4 2 (2 copies of each)
Frame Sync/Format Converter All 7 Input FSFC (+1 FC Only)
4 Output Format Converter
Media (still, animation, short clip) players 4 2
  • TouchDrive TD2 2ME Control Panel (CTLCARB2TD)
  • Touchdrive 15.6” Dashboard Touch Screen Display (CTLTDDISP)
  • Netgear 16 port Gigabit switch (NET16PSW)
  • 2x Decimator MD-HX SDI converters (CNVDECHX)

Carbonite Ultra CUF-124 Engine with the following features

CUF-UHD-ADD-ME1-LIC – Unlocks 12G/UHD and adds 2ME in HD

CUF-ADD-I/OPLUS – Adds FSFC to all HD In/Out and 7+1 assignable in UHD

CUF-ADD-MV2&4 – Up to 4 MV in HD and 2 (2 copies each) in UHD

HD Feature Set:

-MultiDefinition Format Support: 480i, 576i, 720p50/59.94, 1080i50/59.94, 1080pSF 23.98/25/29.97, 1080p25/29.97/50/59.94

-24 Inputs and 10 Configurable Outputs (Does not Include MV Outputs)

-4 MultiViewer Head outputs (2 System and 2 I/O MultiViewer)

-System MultiViewers have access to all Inputs, Outputs and Internal Buses. Up to 16 Windows each with 45 Layouts to choose from

-I/O MultiViewers have access to physical inputs and physical outputs (Output 13/14 Not Available). Up to 16 Windows each with 45 layouts to choose from

-1 Reference Input and 1 Reference Output with H/V Adjustments

-2 HD ME with 4 Keyers plus a Transition Keyer

-4 HD MiniME with 2 Keyers and Full Preview

-4 MediaStores with Video and Alpha each

-8 2D DVE, 4 Chroma Keys (floating)

-Frame Sync / Format Converters with Proc Amp and Colour Correction for any input or output.


UHD Feature Set:

-MultiDefinition Format Support: 2160p 50 / 59.94 / 60

-18 Inputs and 10 Configurable Outputs in UHD

-Input 3 (BNC 3/4/5/6) and Input 8 (BNC 8/9/10/11) can be Single Link or Quad Link

-2 1080p MultiViewer Heads on 4 outputs (1 System and 1 I/O MultiViewer, 2 of each output)

-1 UHD ME with 4 Keyers plus a Transition Keyer

-2 UHD MiniME with 2 Keyers and Full Preview

-2 UHD MediaStores with Video and Alpha each

-2 2D DVE, 2 Chroma Keys (floating)

-7 Frame Sync / 8 Format Converters with Proc Amp and Colour Correction Assignable to any input

-4 Format Converters assignable to outputs.


CUF-124 Frame Features:

Power Consumption 114W 7.6A 15V

System Timing:

-All video inputs zero time relative to reference input, auto timing will correct for inputs out of time by up to +/- 0.25 line.

-System delay is less than 1 line.

-10 Bit Video Processing in All Video Formats

Dynamic Range Support (UHDTV1 only; Adjustments with Colour Corrector)

Standard Dynamic Range (SDR)

Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG)

Perceptual Quantizer (PQ)

Sony® S-Log3

Input Equalization (using Belden 1694 cable)

>40m @ 12Gb/s (5°-40°C)

>50m @ 3Gb/s (5°-40°C)

>100m @ 1.5 Gb/s (5°-40°C)

>300m @ 270 Mb/s (5°-40°C)

-DashBoard Menu System and Virtual Panel

-Carbonite Device Controls

– AMP, RossTalk, PBUS, VISCA, Cambot, Yamaha Serial Midi (DM1000/01V96), TSL v3.1 and GVG 100 Editor Control

-24 GPO Tally (8 Breakout to rear panel XLR)

-2 AES for Media Store Audio

-1 LTC Input for Time Clock MV display and LiveEDL

-24/7 Phone Support

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