Yamaha LS9-32

64-Channel Digital Mixing Console


Product Highlights

  • Compact and Lightweight – 42.8 lbs
  • Ample Bus Capacity: 16 MIX, 8 MATRIX, and STEREO
  • Virtual Rack with Top-quality Effects
  • Multiple Fader Functions
  • Intuitive Interface
Rentex No. YHLS932 | Mfr No. LS9-32

Made for portable live sound, Yamaha Commercial Audio LS9 consoles pack a staggering amount of production power in a surprisingly simple and perfectly portable package. This 64-channel LS9-32, with its extended fader bank and 32 mic/line inputs, weighs under 43 lbs.  And when you consider the ample routing options, multimode faders, extensive onboard processing, and remote-control options below its refreshingly intuitive interface, you’ll never look at sound reinforcement the same way again.

Type   Digital
Channels   64
Inputs – Mic Preamps   32 x XLR
Phantom Power   32 x Channels
Inputs – Digital   1 x MIDI, 1 x Coax, 1 x BNC (Clock)
Outputs – Digital   1 x MIDI, 1 x Coax, 1 x BNC (Clock)
Outputs – Main   16 x XLR (Omni)
Data I/O   Ethernet, 1 x USB Type A
I/O Expansion Slots   2 x Slots
Headphones   1 x 1/4″
Faders   33 x 100mm Throw
Effects   Yes
Talkback   Yes
Rackmountable   Yes
Height   8.6875″
Depth   19.6875″
Width   34.8125″
Weight   42.8 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number   LS9-32

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